Acne breakouts can inevitably last longer than a romantic relationship. Holds true. But what is more alarming is when you get the nonsense privileged to be judged and subjected to evil-thought jokes that humiliate and damage your self-worth for having skin impurities.

 May it be from bacteria, hormonal changes, heredity, cosmetics with greasy consistency, medication to certain illness — pimples or acnes start when an oily substance called sebum clogs the pores. They appear on the face, neck, back, chest, and shoulders. Although such problem may not be a serious health risk, scars often bring frustration especially when it cannot be concealed anymore. At such, prevention is better than cure notion can be applied. This then compelled me to write my top five ways on how I free myself from pimples. Let’s begin, shall we?


1. NEVER TOUCH YOUR FACE WITH YOUR DIRTY HANDS. This is the rule of thumb. Don’t complain that you get multiple pimples every day when you touch your face like a gaming tablet. Remember that you are not just transferring germs but you are also irritating the area that needs healing. Thereby, you have to wash your hands or apply alcohol if something bitches you out. You must use facial tissues to gently wipe the oil on your face. I don’t recommend handkerchief since you are putting back the oil and dirt; it’s not cool to recycle bacteria. Try this for a week or two and you would notice the difference! 

Of course, nobody loves sleep deprivation. When we consider sleep a maintenance time, it not only brings good mood and more productivity, it also conditions the pores to make the skin look younger and healthier. When you stay late, obviously your skin will secrete more sebum which causes pimples. In addition, try to monitor your diet. Sometimes the blame can be on the food with high-sugar or high-fat diet that promotes sebum production. Disclaimer, this can be empirical depending on how your body reacts. Anyhow, if you can’t find the culprit, better yet just eat more vegetables and fruits. 

Never sleep with make-up unless it’s your dream to be the next slut named Sleeping Beauty. Cleanse your face at least twice a day, more than this can cause skin irritation and reverse effect. If you over-wash and over-scrub for the love of cleanliness, basic oils are reduced so the skin will oversupply oils. Another cause of breakout, certainly.

Applying a small amount of toner to a cotton ball and gently blotting or wiping your face with it gives the appearance of smaller pores. It also restores our skin pH balance quickly, helps bind moistures and prevent ingrown hairs. However finding a product that works on you can be challenging. Just a piece of advice, if it irritates you for a day or two, discontinue it. 

If you are a kind of person who uses the same towel for your body and face, it’s about time. When you use your towel to dry out your body and hair, the remaining substances from the conditioner and shampoo are transferred to the towel and to your face as well. Thus, this doesn’t help since some of the contents of hair care products have oils and substances that clog the pores. Making sure that your pillowcase is always clean also counts. The sweat we produce when we sleep stays on our pillowcase, so if you don’t change it once or twice a week surely you are inviting acne formation.

 Having these things said, I hope you realized that at the end of the day, it’s much easier to treat skin impurities over one’s prejudices. Being flawless doesn’t give us the right to put down other people. May this be a reminder that our goal as a human being is to uplift one another. After all, love for beauty is meaningless without love for humanity.  



OOTD Music Video Analysis

Hey Swifties, the music video is out. I’d like to share my little in depth analysis of it.
1. She was in a gorgeous blue dress. Blue connotes sadness, and dress gives an impression of a reputable/demure woman. Therefore, the imagery could suggest that she has all the beauty and sophistication a woman could have yet remains sad with her life. 
2. She was running away from aggressive wolves that are trying to devour her. I think wolves could be guys who have a tendency to destroy her image (the torn blue dress could represent her damaged image itself). Or wolves could be the memories or evil people and media that keep on inflicting pain to her.
3. She was alone in the woods which is exactly unsafe for her. In search for herself, a) the woods and darkness could represent danger that she is facing all by herself; b) snow for the emotion of missing someone so bad, having regrets and feeling so lonely; c) getting drowned in the sea could mean getting suffocated by what is happening to her life; d) standing around the burning things could mean watching how things around her get burned into ashes without the ability to save anything; e) crawling on mud suggests that she is getting into the worst situation of being dumped and trying to manage how to stand and face life after the dirty past; f) fighting the snow to avoid getting frozen is somehow a hint that she doesn’t want to die being stuck forever to that situation. 
4) She saw herself standing by the water. It means herself has been waiting for her since then and never left her. No matter how hard it was, the only thing that matters in the end was — she found herself after the aftermath of losing someone. 

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Work Your Ass Out For 2016

If you are too caught up by the cliché that we only live once so we have to enjoy life to the fullest — then you are welcoming death like a close friend standing in your front door. I know I’m nobody to speak as if all the fancy food you eat come from my pocket. I just cannot stomach to see you someday being a machine-supported carbon-based life form. 
Is it your dream to have a tube in your trachea to support your breathing? Is it cool to get stuck on a wheel chair someday because your legs are too useless to walk? Is it satisfying to realize that you might end up unofficially dead, if not only to machines that casually give false hope to everyone using it? In the end, all you have left to your family is pain to get over with your unlucky fate — and do not forget the bills they have to pay after you enjoyed your fucking life to the fullest. Now tell me, can you damn call that #LIFEGOALS? 
No matter what your role in the society, you are no exception to have an exercise and balance diet. Stop making excuses that if someone really loves you, that person would accept who you are. You are trying to be physically fit not for extrinsic factor but because your body deserves it more than pleasing your crush or anybody else in this world. 
Stop quenching your thirst through soft drinks. Help yourself to quit from smoking and excessive alcohol drinking. Avoid squandering your time playing computer and mobile games. Do not let your stubborn vices control your beautiful life.
I don’t need to sound like a mad nutritionist for you to get my point. Just please teach yourself to eat more fruits and vegetables, after all, you would not die from eating them. Drink plenty of water. Sleep six to eight hours. Discipline yourself. So that when time comes — you would not grieve over the times you have abused yourself. It is not worth all the pleasure of appetizing for laid-back activities and unhealthy diet.
The point of human philosophies can sometimes be misleading. But one thing is for sure, God has given us this gift of LIFE. Let’s show Him that we value it by treating our body with love and respect it deserves. 
P.S, sharing my love to all my FB friends, I hope you realized something. It’s not too late.  


Long Lost Love

The Lost Supercontinentalby Emmanuel Santos
Don’t treat me like

a mad scientist

who will hypothesize

our sick phenomena. 
We are not the Pangea

that perfectly drifted apart

until history took care

of its Paleozoic mystery. 
So please do not tell me

the past doesn’t matter anymore, 

for humans deserve a reason

when things reach extinction. 
I need those answers

why our continent was now

million fucking miles

away from each other.  


Forever is Bullshit


People who believe in forever are idiot. They are imprisoned with the idea that a thing would never change despite the time being. They are brainless creatures who most probably spend the rest of their lives miserable. They are pathetic and hopeless. What a shame that I’m telling the kind of person you are. Here’s a splash of cold water to wake you up. 

At first, you will be strangers who will eventually turn into friends. Then, you will be sweet lovers and you will both promise to fight for your feelings no matter what. Unconsciously, you will become emotionally weak and dependent, and the next thing I know is there will be constant battles. There will be a heavy dramatic constipation. Until one day, you will face the mirror crying and wishing it was just like before. Both parties will have a back and forth decision. They will try to fix it as if they can put a broken glass into its perfect shape again. So what’s the denouement? The used to be lovers are back to strangers again.

Why not shut their mouth and refrain themselves from speaking the words infinity, always, everlasting, and eternal? Because even stars are destined to get doomed. That spark you felt will cause your self-destruction. There is no forever.

Love is a wildcard. Nobody has a clue on what might happen next. You don’t have the upper hand to control the fate of life. If you think love can be planned, you are just fooling yourself. You may love that person today, but the next day you will wake up feeling a little strange because your constellations are falling apart. Consequently, you will start questioning if forever is just an illusion created by immature hopeless romantics.

What the heck! But why do they still exist? Why do they still opt to love someone despite the risk and danger awaiting them? Why do they still hold on to such promise of a life time when we never hold our future? And why do these madly in love couples try to move mountains to save their relationship from catastrophe?

Simple answer, because the most important reason is to live in that moment despite the doubts and fears. We know that life is limited, everything is eventual and ending is inevitable. So what if there are risks and dangers? So what if those promises are not meant to happen in the future? So what if it’s tough to keep a relationship working? Let’s eliminate these petty things in our head.

We are all born to die. Thus, we need to get what we truly deserved in our existence. We need to fight and do everything to have the happiness we owe to ourselves. Every day is a gift, free yourself from worries. Flash a smile to every challenge your relationship is facing. After all, forever is a bullshit thing to be debated. And if being stupid means being happy, be it so and count me in. 



You are a lifetime virtuoso 

And I am a two-month Picasso

I cast your body as a canvas

And my lips as its paintbrush

So together we made

A masterpiece of an age

From the grease of our footsteps

Comes white lies of the two peps

We let our circle watch our play

Clueless of our selfish tête-á-tête

But our dirty game is a wildcard

We fell defeated by a chasing leopard

I’ll pull the next sheet of calendar

And have time mend this deep scar

Sooner I will miss the relics of virtuoso

I’m forever the guy you lost to Marlboro

You’ll Never Know by Emmanuel M. Santos

It was 6:00pm, the street of Marikina is bleak and I can see few people walking around, busy as they always seemed. Tonight, I decided to change my route way home. I turned right, headed down an alley that was almost covered by darkness like a famous ghost town I have watched on TV. It was empty, and the blinking yellow orange light was not enough for me to see clearly the pavement. My footsteps started to break the silence as my feet were dragging over the cute pebbles and stones on the gray cement. The cold air welcomes me as it almost cuts my body. I fixed some strands of my hair that resemble to Einstein for what the Zephyr wind did to me. I was in the height of placidity, when a scrawny rat with shiny black hair and six inches tail surprised me. It quickly ran to the small hole next to a garbage bag full of rotten foods that I cannot stomach to smell. I screamed.

Along the street I noticed some movements. As I drift closer, I felt the heartbeat on my head would explode. Fear abruptly flows into my veins, sending me to be alert for whatever odd thing that might happen. My eyes caught in the first glance a man who looks skinny beyond compare. His filthy skin cannot terribly hide the visible edges of his jaw line, and his cheeks were almost eaten by his own skull. He was wearing a big dirty white t-shirt that badly suggests to be used as rags at home. I saw some tainted black grease across his shoulder blades and along the left side of his too short plaid pyjamas that exposes the red swelling rashes from insect bites. His feet were inserted in green plastic bags that serve as his shoes. Thanks to the long gray beard that had been growing for years, it keeps his face warm from the cold weather. The three strands of his hair were dancing into the rhythm of the wind. By this, and his wrinkles, and worn out skin, I believe he was in his early 70’s.

He sat on an old rusty brown cardboard box on the pavement, embracing his knees while letting it kisses to his rib cage to protect himself from the cold. His eyes were brown and hollow like he has never eaten a food for a month. He never removed his stare on the left empty box of hamburger, which lays two inches in front of him, shivering like a poor puppy left with no food. A bent piece of cardboard reading “I will work for food” was leaned up against the dark brown bricks on the wall he was sitting against. He was unresponsive, as if he was numb, lunatic, and catatonic to everything that was happening around him.

I was terrified by such condition of a man who remained sitting still despite any chaos that could happen. Almost as if he was petrified in time, which really bothers me if he’s still breathing at all. I know a situation in a horror movie where something bad could happen like Dracula would appear to suck my neck until I lose all my blood. All that was missing was a scary sound effect while waiting for someone’s curtain to close.

Splattered somewhere near his forehead was a sticky dark liquid where some flies landed at. It was blood, but I have no idea who it belonged to. Was it from him, or he murdered somebody else? Upon seeing the patches of blood over his face, I began to feel alarmed. I was in the verge of thinking that he is a cannibal and I am his next victim.  Sheer panic showered all over my body. Limitless thoughts were splashing on my fac. I had two options; turn around and run away, try to talk to him or just keep walking like I didn’t see him in my peripheral view. But the way he was sitting there was stationary, I’d bet he wouldn’t notice me perhaps, so I decided to keep walking even I’m about to die with fear.

Across the hamburger box was a wooden ladder, leading up to an old wooden window. Taking more steps closer to the old man, I sensed that the strong pungent smell was coming from him. I tried not to breathe the air that gives a burning sensation in my nose passage.  It was then I eyed an empty pack of cigarette and a bottle of whiskey resting next to him. The flickering bulb of the lamp post dapples right down on his forehead, highlighting the open wound where the flies were comfortably settled.

I continued walking along the sad street; convincing myself that everything would be fine after. I tried to walk normal, but every time I would hear a little noise, I couldn’t help but wail in my mind. The feeling drove my need to pee for a second. I never imagined any of this would happen in my life. I was oversensitive that even the slightest sound of an empty can blown by a wind, to my pulsating sound of my heart beat in my throat could make my state fumble. I believed at anytime, my death lies in his upper hand.

Within me felt something bad for the old man, and it was then I was enlightened to make a good gesture. I took stone’s throw steps leading to him, slowly and cautiously, stood few inches in front of his empty hamburger box. Pain stabbed my chest upon looking his condition surrounded by filths, where he dwells and calls it home. I sobbed and wished that he didn’t have to go through the things he was dealing with. Without a second thought, I took my jacket off without removing my eyes to him. I lay it around his shoulders gently, and wave my hand to distract the flies on his wound. For the first time, he lifted his head, where lovely colors started to paint his eyes sweetly, speaking an intense gratitude and appreciation for what I did. I paused and stare at him deeply for a moment, and my lips gave a smile fraught with pity and love. Few seconds after I turned, a mumbling sound echoes into my heart. The man turned his head to me and flimsily uttered, “Thank you”.

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