My LASIK Screening at Shinagawa Ortigas Branch

I wake up each morning pleading myself that I am contented to be a slave of my eyeglasses forever. Why not? I spent my whole teenage looking nerd.

Romanticizing pessimism won’t help me, I certainly know that. But the idea of getting one’s eyes cut open cringes the hell out of me. 

Can you not think of these questions? Is LASIK really too good to be true? Can my vision be really restored to 20/20? Will my eyes be really a good candidate? Is it really painless? What would I really feel during and after the operation? What if I really get blind after the operation? 

I fondly abused the word REALLY because of the fear and doubt devouring my brain. LOL. 

But I have to take the risk, I have to live above my fears if I want to gain back my 20/20 vision. I decided to give a message to Shinagawa’s Instagram account last March 5, 2017. Surprisingly, it replied faster than my lame ex! How cool was that?

I sent my full name, mobile number, preferred branch (Makati or Ortigas). They informed me to expect a message or phone call from a LASIK consultant. Around 3pm when I received a text message from David of Ortigas Branch. Basically he discussed the three LASIK procedures — the Traditional, Intralase, and Z-Lasik which is the most advanced among the three. Convinced enough, I made an appointment on Thursday afternoon (March 9, 2017).

The screening costs P2,500 but if you decide to undergo the operation, it will be free of charge. I arrived at the 21st floor of Hanston Square Building, San Miguel Avenue Ortigas at 3pm. Staffs are really welcoming. They asked if I have an appointment. I told my name and they hand me a form to fill out. 

Shinagawa’s Front Desk plus my shameless mirror selfie beside the toilet room.

When done, my screening was started right away. There were two rooms for the test — the dark room and the bright room. As far as I remember there were like 10 machines used to assess the shape and thickness of my cornea, the tolerance of my eyes to pressure, etc. Then I had to read the notorious Snellen chart to check my visual acuity. 

Unfortunately, I was only able to get a photo of the bright room where the first part of the screening was done.

The last part of screening was the dilation. The doctor dropped a solution in three dosages to paralyze the focus of my eyes. Even when I wore my eyeglasses my vision was still blurry. It was totally annoying so you have to make sure you are with someone; going home alone might be a trouble for real. After an hour they checked my eyes again to see its accurate grade. 

Dr. Francis Guerrero, the doctor who performs the surgery in Ortigas Branch, was the last to check my eyes. He scanned my eyes through another machine that has a vertical light. All along I pray that my eyes will be a good candidate. Thank God, my eyes were qualified despite all the abuses I’ve done. 

David, my LASIK consultant, announcing the grade of my eyes after dilation are 675.

I waited for my LASIK consultant excitedly to inform him that I will pay for the surgery that day. My surgery schedule was supposedly next month, but for unknown reason I trusted my LASIK consultant to have it done the next day; so I would be able to enjoy the full benefit of my clear vision immediately. Anyhow, Z-LASIK has the fastest recovery time as flagged in their advertisement. 

He informed me not to put any cosmetic products and have someone accompany on the day of the surgery. I went home gushing to my parents about an impulsive decision I made. 

There you have it! The rest is history. My experience during the surgery will be my next writeup. Thanks for reading! I 


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