OOTD Music Video Analysis

Hey Swifties, the music video is out. I’d like to share my little in depth analysis of it.
1. She was in a gorgeous blue dress. Blue connotes sadness, and dress gives an impression of a reputable/demure woman. Therefore, the imagery could suggest that she has all the beauty and sophistication a woman could have yet remains sad with her life. 
2. She was running away from aggressive wolves that are trying to devour her. I think wolves could be guys who have a tendency to destroy her image (the torn blue dress could represent her damaged image itself). Or wolves could be the memories or evil people and media that keep on inflicting pain to her.
3. She was alone in the woods which is exactly unsafe for her. In search for herself, a) the woods and darkness could represent danger that she is facing all by herself; b) snow for the emotion of missing someone so bad, having regrets and feeling so lonely; c) getting drowned in the sea could mean getting suffocated by what is happening to her life; d) standing around the burning things could mean watching how things around her get burned into ashes without the ability to save anything; e) crawling on mud suggests that she is getting into the worst situation of being dumped and trying to manage how to stand and face life after the dirty past; f) fighting the snow to avoid getting frozen is somehow a hint that she doesn’t want to die being stuck forever to that situation. 
4) She saw herself standing by the water. It means herself has been waiting for her since then and never left her. No matter how hard it was, the only thing that matters in the end was — she found herself after the aftermath of losing someone. 

#taylorswift #outofthewoods #musicvideoanalysis 



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