Work Your Ass Out For 2016

If you are too caught up by the cliché that we only live once so we have to enjoy life to the fullest — then you are welcoming death like a close friend standing in your front door. I know I’m nobody to speak as if all the fancy food you eat come from my pocket. I just cannot stomach to see you someday being a machine-supported carbon-based life form. 
Is it your dream to have a tube in your trachea to support your breathing? Is it cool to get stuck on a wheel chair someday because your legs are too useless to walk? Is it satisfying to realize that you might end up unofficially dead, if not only to machines that casually give false hope to everyone using it? In the end, all you have left to your family is pain to get over with your unlucky fate — and do not forget the bills they have to pay after you enjoyed your fucking life to the fullest. Now tell me, can you damn call that #LIFEGOALS? 
No matter what your role in the society, you are no exception to have an exercise and balance diet. Stop making excuses that if someone really loves you, that person would accept who you are. You are trying to be physically fit not for extrinsic factor but because your body deserves it more than pleasing your crush or anybody else in this world. 
Stop quenching your thirst through soft drinks. Help yourself to quit from smoking and excessive alcohol drinking. Avoid squandering your time playing computer and mobile games. Do not let your stubborn vices control your beautiful life.
I don’t need to sound like a mad nutritionist for you to get my point. Just please teach yourself to eat more fruits and vegetables, after all, you would not die from eating them. Drink plenty of water. Sleep six to eight hours. Discipline yourself. So that when time comes — you would not grieve over the times you have abused yourself. It is not worth all the pleasure of appetizing for laid-back activities and unhealthy diet.
The point of human philosophies can sometimes be misleading. But one thing is for sure, God has given us this gift of LIFE. Let’s show Him that we value it by treating our body with love and respect it deserves. 
P.S, sharing my love to all my FB friends, I hope you realized something. It’s not too late.  



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