Forever is Bullshit


People who believe in forever are idiot. They are imprisoned with the idea that a thing would never change despite the time being. They are brainless creatures who most probably spend the rest of their lives miserable. They are pathetic and hopeless. What a shame that I’m telling the kind of person you are. Here’s a splash of cold water to wake you up. 

At first, you will be strangers who will eventually turn into friends. Then, you will be sweet lovers and you will both promise to fight for your feelings no matter what. Unconsciously, you will become emotionally weak and dependent, and the next thing I know is there will be constant battles. There will be a heavy dramatic constipation. Until one day, you will face the mirror crying and wishing it was just like before. Both parties will have a back and forth decision. They will try to fix it as if they can put a broken glass into its perfect shape again. So what’s the denouement? The used to be lovers are back to strangers again.

Why not shut their mouth and refrain themselves from speaking the words infinity, always, everlasting, and eternal? Because even stars are destined to get doomed. That spark you felt will cause your self-destruction. There is no forever.

Love is a wildcard. Nobody has a clue on what might happen next. You don’t have the upper hand to control the fate of life. If you think love can be planned, you are just fooling yourself. You may love that person today, but the next day you will wake up feeling a little strange because your constellations are falling apart. Consequently, you will start questioning if forever is just an illusion created by immature hopeless romantics.

What the heck! But why do they still exist? Why do they still opt to love someone despite the risk and danger awaiting them? Why do they still hold on to such promise of a life time when we never hold our future? And why do these madly in love couples try to move mountains to save their relationship from catastrophe?

Simple answer, because the most important reason is to live in that moment despite the doubts and fears. We know that life is limited, everything is eventual and ending is inevitable. So what if there are risks and dangers? So what if those promises are not meant to happen in the future? So what if it’s tough to keep a relationship working? Let’s eliminate these petty things in our head.

We are all born to die. Thus, we need to get what we truly deserved in our existence. We need to fight and do everything to have the happiness we owe to ourselves. Every day is a gift, free yourself from worries. Flash a smile to every challenge your relationship is facing. After all, forever is a bullshit thing to be debated. And if being stupid means being happy, be it so and count me in. 


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