Why Legalizing Marijuana by Bruce Bartlett (Summary and Reflection)

Why legalizing marijuana is a smart fiscal move written by Bruce Bartlett, equally discusses the pros and cons of legalizing the issue whether or not legalize the use of Cannabis Sativa or commonly known as Marijuana. There has been an initial experiment in some States of America on the use of such drug, and several factors were considered why it could be legalized such: 1. abject failure of the war on marijuana; 2. consistent support of poll to legalizing it; 3. perception that it could no longer drive people to use more serious drug; and, 4. search for revenue by taxing marijuana and cutting budgets to prison and law enforcement which one of the offices believe could save hundred million dollars.  The fourth factor was further supported by Bruce by some opinions of different people with names as far as the issue is concern. Grover Norqiust, an anti-tax crusader, has raised his white flag and said that it’s a comparable commodity could be apply as to smokes and liquors. The notion insisted that it would all depend on the price, tax rate, and the elasticity of demands, which also reflects how history repeated itself when the government couldn’t ban the selling of cigarettes because of its revenue. This idea however, could affect the illegal sellers of marijuana, the police unison and private prison industry, and pharmaceutical companies that could replace their high-cost prescription drug called Vicodin. In the end, he opinionated every economist would favour the issue, though it would really take a while before its legalization, surely it will happen.

GOVERNMENT WARNING: Marijuana smoking is dangerous to your health; as to the idea of legalizing it, there’s no way that could make me agree with such stupidity to have another false advertisement like this! What is wrong cannot be considered right, certainly is true about it. How could they conform to the bandwagon ruling the world? It’s all have gray shades, and that of money could explain everything. You must be lucky if your 10 fingers could count non-taxable things in your country, because, it is not the truth. Almost everything has never-ending taxes. Legalizing marijuana, making America the home of marijuana users could sound terribly displeasing to ears. However, what about the revenue that could be used to help the country, should we reconsider the idea? Oh it’s hard to decide when facing a dilemma, both have bags of two. But nothing I am but a dissenter still. I called it silly, just because government cannot control the marijuana users they would legalize it, and proudly see revenues from taxing it a treasure chest when all along it’s like a nuclear bomb that can erase America in the map. With due respect to high-profile educated people, how could they think of legalizing it? It’s worse than being an imbecile kid who doesn’t know which one is right and wrong. Production, business, commercial, and consumerism all boil down to one thing – money matters. Blinded by that piece of paper, the demons have taken their rationality to look for a better solution to the problem. And whatever reasons they have to convince people, my mind is made – NO TO LEGALIZING MARIJUANA.


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