What Is This Thing Called Family by Lee Herrick (Summary and Reflection)

Lee Herrick’s article “What Is This Thing Called Family?” tackles his life as a Korean adoptee raised by Caucasian couples. The author himself confesses his confusions when he was a child because of the differences of their physical attributes from his sister and parents. It was also stated how he and his sister had some troubles dealing with bullies who were fond of joshing them up. Lee never failed to forget his cry-like-a-baby day when he went home upon getting called a flat face. His mother, who also felt a deep pain, knew nothing to do but to comfort and ease his worries. He also questioned why people are mean despite the absence of Korean accent in his tongue. Good that there are some well-intentioned people who would tell him that he was so American, making him feels like he’s normal like any other kids. Lee added another unforgettable experience when he started to act out his anger during his High School days. This resulted and compelled his parents to discipline and ground him. Herrick described how good, calm and quite his father was that despite the headache he and his sister is giving to them, he still manages to be modest. He furthered his experience as a Korean adoptee by weighing things out – the positive and negative sides of his life. In this he said that being like him is wonderful yet challenging. Though raised by two parents, it was still hard for him to live without his biological parents. He went to Seoul Korea and once in his life he inevitably feels normal and belongs to. But he knows that the real meaning of home is about family that gives love, comfort and good attitude. Soon he ended his write-up by wishing to honor his family; longing to build the same one in the future.

Every family has imperfections and struggles facing. In Herrick’s article, he asserted how hard his life was – as a child with a different face from his parents, getting bullied in school, and worst, living without his biological family. I admired the author for managing to stay strong knowing his great struggles upon growing up. The way it was written hooks the mind and heart of readers, making us conclude how brave he is. It was good to know that there are people like him who could write in a very clear, simple and inviting; yet, the message can be powerful and meaningful. The author didn’t just tell his life for him to get sympathy. I believe he wrote to with a view to educate people how it feels like to be an adoptee. This article can be as a piece of literature to be read by children and parents to prevent bullying. It was good of him to say that someday he wishes to honor his family for giving him the love, comfort, and good attitude. For me, this article is one of his only means to give the gratitude and credit that he owes to his parents.


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