The Social Disparity Behind America’s Growing Obesity by Kaisa Snellman (Summary and Reflection)

The Social Disparity Behind America’s Growing Obesity Gap, an article written by Kaisa Snellman that merely talks about the dire problem of  Americans brought by alarming trends of obesity. It was started by uncovering the said problem with some facts about its current trend. Though one of the reports said that childhood obesity might be levelling off, Snellman and her two colleagues condescend that it was just only one part of the population. Surprisingly, a survey showed that the dropping percent of obese children are coming from wealthy family whose parents are well educated, and it continues to elevate to poor families. This, however, has never been reported in any news that the bigger concern lies on the poor children. The writer continued nailing off the problem by comparing the gap of the two socioeconomic statuses – those parents who had only attain high school education and those who had four-year college degree. Financial constraints to participate in sports, regular visitation to a doctor for healthy eating advice and physical exercises, equal access to physical education,  recreation centers and playgrounds, and safe walking and skateboarding around their neighbourhood – just to name a few, are the factors she named to justify the said gap. There were also several diseases she had mentioned that could trigger once an obese child turn into an adult obese like type 2 diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, high blood pressure, several cases of cancers and even psychological disorders. The article was ended by reminding us about the spirit of 50th Anniversary of War on Poverty to reduce the number of kids living in poverty.

Reading the article was so informative and timely. It was written empirically, thus, she didn’t simply write her views about the issue; she proved it though research data to sound scholarly. I must also say that the coherence is very evident – the unfolding of details is smooth with a consistent serious tone. For me, it was a good move for Snellman to choose the said topic for she was able to splash a glass of cold water to readers and wake their minds up about what is currently happening to America. At first, it makes no sense to me that poor children suffer from obesity for I thought they only have limited budget to buy a meager meal every day. I thought wealthy people are the one at risk because they can afford a good table with abundance of food. Sadness had stricken me upon knowing that my assumption was completely wrong. We must be aware of the reality that poor people have limited access to certain things that only wealthy people could enjoy. Life is indeed unfair to everyone. And I believe it will be more unfair if the government would cover their eyes and ears for the implication of Kaisa’s article. EDUCATION, the issue all lies in this factor to lessen, if not cure, the said problem. There are simple ways to help the unfortunate ones if only they would think critically. Free seminars, flyers, campaign ads and other programs might also help. What matters here is sincerity and genuine love to help people. I must commend the author for writing this powerful and moving article, surely this would serve as an eye-opener to all people.


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