Dogs –  they are domesticated mammal that can be trusted more than our human bestfriends. It’s damn funny how we call them a pet, but our treatment to them is tantamount to a family member. And once we consider them a family, by any means, we are going to do everything to protect them no matter where it goes.

It’s never been that ironic when we post a signage “BEWARE OF DOGS”, when in reality we are more capable of inflicting pain and cruelty to them.  And you know what’s shittier than that? It is when bullshit people hold a gruesome dog meat festival to celebrate their retarded tradition. They believe that dogs will guard off their roof when they are alive and eaten when they die. Go ahead and think I’m brainless for acting as if I know nothing about cultural diversity. Granted, we were taught that the rule of thumb is respecting other people’s culture to avoid collision. But come on, who among us can stomach the idea of such barbaric practice?  No one can.

I can’t help but condemn this matter. Many dogs die from shock, dehydration and starvation on the journey to Yulin in Guangxi province. Worse is, the survived ones were traumatized – they were beaten to death or their throats were slit in the markets. It’s a shame on humanity that we are blessed with wisdom yet we lack the kindness to other creatures that God has created in this planet. We must all remember that the Earth is not solely created for mankind; we are just taking part of it. Let’s all stand up for this and show the power of humanity.  Don’t be a jerk, sign your name!

President of China


Petition to Barbara Woodward

British Ambassador to China


Petition to Mr. Chen Wu

Yulin Governor



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