Let’s look at the incident in a different lens, and I hope this makes sense.
One day a girl invited many people to come over to her debut party. She selected few people to give her a speech, but during the speech one person dared to discuss her imperfections and flaws to all the ears in the event. The mom of the debutant decides to interrupt the speaker.
Answer me: 1. What is the speaker trying to prove in the event? 2. Do you think the mom’s gesture was right or just too guilty? 3. Who the fuck cares about this matter?
Bitch please, it is a moral dilemma that is hard to evaluate. Would you raise a red or white flag to such thingy?
It is true that the more the flame is covered up, the hotter it burns (Edith Hamilton). I don’t like to add fuel to the fire about the incident happened during the Sto. Niño Parochial Commencement Exercise, nor want to sound bias and dogmatic, but both sides have their flaws to consider. Allow me to explain.
It was the repercussion of the school’s system that enraged this awardee to deliver such speech or harangue (if I may say), however, the damage control of the teacher was done unprofessionally. I am still thinking what if she just let the girl finished, no controversy will surely explode in social media. 
But let’s turn the table, granted that this student had the privilege to speak boldly, we shall not forget that it was a formal event. If a student is given the chance to speak, it is because the school entrusted her to be an inspiration to coax her batchmates. One is definitely not there to bring ax to grind the school. It’s a terrible mistake.
From the point of an activist student like me, I do consider this an inappropriate gesture. Freedom is not absolute, it comes with responsibility. If the school forbids student journalists to write against the administration, there are other ways for them to be heard. They can protest through rally anytime. Being brave and fearless is also being wise.  And just a piece of advice, nothing really matters here, after all, grades are just numbers printed on a piece of paper. There’s more to life than academics.  
To sum it up, both sides contributed to stain their school’s reputation. It is truly saddening however, that the school’s popularity now was awe to such disgrace and shame brought by the incident.

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