Women Are Better Drivers (Summary and Reflection)

Woman Are Better Drivers by Phyllis McGinley states the author’s views for having such claim that a certain gender could possibly play a huge factor in driving a wheel. According to Phyllis, men are wonderful creatures who possess greater physical capabilities than women – they are honest, brave, talented, strong and handsome, and the only edge of women over them is: 1. the ability to bear a baby and 2. drive an automobile better. Most of her best friends are male drivers, and by studying their behaviour in driving, she concluded that most men just sleep at their wheels, do over speeding or perpetuate some traffic rules by desire or chance. It was also featured in her essay the issue of having a son below 25 years in the family driving in New York costs more dollars for a car insurance. Then she continued her claim that women are the one who drive the nation because of motherly tasks to be done five days a week. And it so happened that their husband got the innings over the weekend for family trips – where most of the road headaches and car misfortunes occur. Though her words sound accusing, she clarified that not all men are responsible for accidents. It is the behaviour, not the caution and practice alone which could make the difference between sexes.  She thinks that men are glorifying their car, like an object of affection – unlike women who just see cars as a means of transportation to serve the family. When it comes to precautions, her husband shows pride, that instead of buying her a luggage or a new wardrobe before going to a trip, a road map was bought instead always. She bitterly confessed that her husband was so much after the map and not on what beautiful things can be seen on the road.

Everybody is entitled to his or her opinion. Given that statement, I would like to respect the author’s view of the long yearning battle of characteristics between the two sexes of humans. Granted, we were all created by God with unique abilities as to our gender – yet, nobody is superior or inferior when it comes to gender for both have innate advantages and disadvantages. In McGinley’s essay, the word driver has a suggestive or connotative meaning, I believe. For sure, it would also make sense if a reader would interpret the essay in a literal level. But the essay delve deep into gender stereotyping, I think the author has a dark intention for writing this – and that is to exult her gender. A driver literally means the person who operates a motor vehicle, but it could also be a person who controls and decides which way to go safely to attain a better living. Maybe she wanted to say that women could make a better decision than men, that men as they are were strong yet reckless. If ever that is her reason, I would not hesitate to disagree. In the very first place, it is not the gender alone that could make a difference, from her words – it is the attitude of a person. People must have enough wisdom that it’s about time to stop the non-sense notion of whose gender is better. It is a matter of our good deeds that we give to our society that count the most.


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