Turning the Page: The Future of Reading (Summary and Reflection)

Anna Quindlen’s artile Turning the Page: The Future of Reading is Backlit and Bright educates the people about the different current reading formats that all ages are using in this generation. Anna believes that the professional life of a writer hinges on one’s name on the ink and not on the name on her office’s door. To support her statement, she looked back her experience when her dad bought a stack of paper with column as a cover. Of course, she couldn’t help but be proud of his achievement, but there’s much more to that feeling when the FedEx guy hand a book with her name on its cover; which also shows her fondness and aspiration as a writer. She said that it’s quite dubious for her to presuppose that reading e-reader has the same grandeur to reading traditional book format. With the advent of technology that we have, she admitted that some thinks that book is dead because of televisions; live theatre is dead because of movies; and, library is dead because of internet, yet both of the forms still exist. Written texts today cannot only be seen in papers but also in computers, along to that, according to one of the sources in her essay, females are the avid readers (reading more than 10 books a  year), and surprisingly, the biggest e-readers are the middle-aged men. Furthermore, she uncovered the recent report in Japan about more people are hooked up to cell-phone books, hitting in contrary to the lamentation that reading is doomed to extinction. Anna clarified that reading isn’t about its format or body, but rather on spirit; that reading is not just an intellectual pursuit but more on emotional and spiritual aspect. She believes that reading will always survive for there are book clubs, book websites, books on tapes and books online.

People say that technology is boon or bane. Well said. But could it really be like a blessing or a curse? At some point, yes it could be. I highly appreciate the author for telling the advantages of modern technology tied with some negative impact that it brought today. Discussing them might jeer off the main focus of the article, so I would just give my reactions to its impact in today’s literacy training to 21st century learners. Living in this world, you would learn that nothing is permanent. As technology jumps beyond its limit, the legacy of books also joins to the evolution. Now, books cannot only be confined to the traditional hard and soft bound paper. E-readers are invented to improve the sensation of book reading and convenience. Though not everyone is used to be techy, commercial world always gives an option to people’s taste. It was so nice that the author chose this topic to delve into. I personally agree with her that the spirit of reading matters more than its format on where you are reading it, and by this, nobody could say that book reading, live theatre and library no longer exist. In fact, technology did not kill them, there were enhanced for us to enjoy them. Just a friendly reminder to everybody, we must not let technology rule our life; let us rule the technology to live a better life.


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