Why am I a Writer by Pat Mora (Summary and Reflection)

The article Why I Am a Writer by Pat Mora tells about all her reasons for being a writer. Her desire to give back the credit to other people, her curiosity to discover and notice the world more, her loyalty and pride to bring honor to Hispanics, her belief about people’s discontentment in life, and her sincerity to correct the misconception  of people for being different – these are all here  reasons for being a writer. There is this line from the article that a mix of sadness and pleasure frequently occurs in a writer’s life. Sadness that stands for the inferiority atmosphere of people on how they view Hispanics, and pleasure that gives Par Mora the nerves and inspiration to take more pride to her race. This evidently shows the struggles she was facing in school. She also mentioned her guilt for not letting her friends know she speaks Spanish Language to some of her relatives; fearing that people might criticize and make fun of her for being odd and eccentric. All her accumulated experiences made her a solid reason she why wrote this article – why she wants to be a writer. Simply to correct the not-so-good images that people are tainting to Hispanics!

Well, I have to be honest that the title per se gave nothing to expect but some clichés reasons. THE TITLE IS SO TYPICAL! But when I started reading the introduction, and how the Pat Mora seamlessly unfolded her reasons, I was totally astonished. The article hooked my emotion up because of its too personal sense. I won’t dissent her candid outlook on why people don’t want to be different. Yes it is true! People struggle to show off who they are because society always conforms to the norms; not to mention the racial discrimination that exists. People always lean on status symbols to flaunt and sing their own praises. So what’s the product? People tend to be more susceptible to advertisement. They became more discontented to who they are and what they have when in fact they are just temporary things. For me, we should break this chain of behavior. I remember when Ralph Waldo Emerson said that imitation is suicide. If we will keep on fitting ourselves to be like other people, then we are not respecting who we are as a unique individual. We should be wise enough to know what really matters in life. Enough with stereotyping, we could always draw ourselves out from someone’s shadow. I believe there’s more to life than chasing fame and glory. I adore Pat Mora for being brave enough to nail the issues she has been facing in school. The straightforwardness of her writing style, the unity and coherence, the constant use of “I” in her article justified why she really wanted to be a writer. I hope there are good writers that would emerge in the future – writers who can bravely speak what other writers cannot speak in quite some way; writers who write not for superficial things, but to move other people; writers who have thousands of reasons why they are a writer.


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