The Joy of Writing by Ray Bradbury (Summary and Reflection)

The Joy of Writing by Ray Bradbury, an article that explicitly explains how love and hatred can serve as one’s inner drive to write effectively. It uncovers the importance of keeping gusto and zest in our heart to enjoy and outdo more our chosen endeavor. The author mentions list of his favorite authors whom he believes are gifted as far as writing is concern. But beyond that reason, he idolizes them because their hatred and despairs in life are written and reported with kind of love. He even gave some quotations that are relevant to writing with gusto and zest. Leaving a message that a writer must pour down all his interests, aspirations, enthusiasm and suchlike to his paper; for this he believes is the measurement of a true writer. There are also questions raised that are mostly about memorable moments in one’s life; that these memories must be written down vivaciously. In connection, he mentioned some of his personal experiences that triggered him to write a story like “Sun and Shadow” and “The Pedestrian”. Such stories were written with indignation. Bradbury also explains the usefulness of one’s intensity of emotion to find a character and story to write about. This kind of technique would increase the so-called gusto and zest of someone to write wholeheartedly. But he also took into account that not only gusto and zest are needed to write effectively. A writer must possess grammatical tools and literary knowledge too. Though it is not necessary to make it extravagant, one must go out of the box and try different new things with excitement. He said love and hatred must go hand in hand because in most literary cosmos, great writers are busy loving and hating a certain moment at the same time.

Though I find it tedious to read the enumerations of his favorite authors and literary pieces, the article justified the title fairly. It is nice that the author acknowledges one’s intensity of emotion to write effectively. Mostly it happens to song writers who are pouring down their emotions to their songs to tell their life. Bradbury is correct. Memories that we have in our episodic memories – when we are in the height of extreme delightfulness or when we are down in the dumps – they all deserved to be read by other people someday. It can become a warehouse of writing ideas ranging from whimsical musings to the deepest emotions and concern. It is authentic. It is meaningful. It is the spring of gusto and zest in writing. And yes, without them, one is just half a writer.  The true essence of being a writer is his genuine heart for his pen, and not any other superficial things. If Bradbury gave a metaphorical statement about the children of god – the gifted writers in the world – well, we can also be like them. Remember, it’s not necessary that you would be become renowned. It is just a matter of loving what you are doing.  There are indeed so much joys in writing that we are unaware of.  They are just all waiting for us to bring them to paper.  So to speak, we must learn to appreciate whatever life throws at us, then, gusto and zest would come along the way.


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