Eating with Immigrants (Summary and Reflection)

Eating with Immigrants is an article written by Rose Anna Higashi to justify her preference and fondness for eating in Immigrant Restaurants in America. She confessed that eating is the favourite thing she and her husband love to do. It may be unusual to some, but she clarified that their hobby becomes unique by eating in immigrant restaurants. In this, she reasoned out why it turned to be that way. They believe that those restaurants offer good food with real ingredients and goods that were not just processed and preserved compared to almost all the flags of fast food chains waving everywhere.  She added that such immigrant restaurants have a reasonable price and a happy place to hang out to. Among all these, the author brought up the most important reason – family values and intergenerational respect. These things came along in their heads upon observing a family serving one another whole heartedly while eating the same food. And when it comes to staff, she noticed plenty evidence of the good old-fashioned work ethic at a dim sum restaurant, such like having an initiative to help co-workers when need arises, regardless of the delegated tasks they have.  With all the positive things she asserted, Higashi was saddened about the predictable letter to the editor of their local newspaper blaming immigrants for being immigrants. She then defended the immigrants before ending her essay by saluting them for their sacrifices to make their lives better in the land where they chose to live.

EATING, it is the most common thing we are doing every day. We need it to survive, to gain energy to power up ourselves. But how could such a gifted writer be like anybody else in this planet, whose devotion is for eating. Even if you say that you like to eat in different immigrant restaurants, what’s new and odd and special with that? Nothing at all, it’s still the same activity – which is eating. But wait, the selection has a lot to say as far as values are concerned! Though the title was deceiving, giving me a shallow perception like an event where the author literally eating with immigrants, I’ve realized that there’s more to that. In her article, several issues where touched to point out her main reason for writing the article – to expose the fact that American restaurants nowadays are far different from the past generation. Such factors like price cost, ingredients, services, ambiances and suchlike are considered by the author enough supporting details to convince the readers to believe her. She may not sound patriotic woman, but she explained her side for behaving such ways.  I don’t see anything wrong with that, in fact, I admire her for defending the immigrants from those who are criticizing them bitterly. Now I know that the article is not just produced out of whim, she cleverly wrote this to make the readers think twice in the same row before judging immigrants. Truly, they risked their lives to give their family a better living in a foreign land.


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