Does America Still Exist? (Summary and Reflection)

The confusing true identity of America, that dire issue was profoundly discussed by Richard Rodriguez in his essay Does America Still Exist?  The author of the said essay was an immigrant, and in his lifetime as a kid, people would always ask him where he came from. He noticed that immigrants, who came to America, wanted to have a better life at the same time preserve their native culture for their children to be practiced. However, as what is always noticed by him, the process of assimilation is inevitable. Like in his case when he was a student, he speaks in chromium American accent, and turns to be like his classmates – a German, Polish, and Irish. At such, these things boil down to the fact that assimilation is always reciprocal, for his classmates also acquired something from him. Therefore, the idea of single society literally died, and all such reasons compelled him to write this essay entitled Does America Still Exist?       

It was undeniable that immigrant’s population in America is getting bigger and bigger as time passes by. Mostly, these immigrants get accustomed to how Americans act, think, speak and even dress. On the other hand, Americans also get accustomed to how these immigrants behave in their land. But could this kind of issue contribute to clearly distinguish the true identity of America? Well, let’s just think it this way. What if the real identity of America is a place where people (immigrants) transform their dream into reality? We may not know, but we cannot close the door for that possibility. In my opinion, America does still exist despite the different people living in a mixed culture. Richard Rodriguez made really sense for writing this essay; he was able to address one of the issues profoundly based on his personal experiences and observations. We, people, must always bear in mind that culture is dynamic. It is a phenomenon that occurs time to time. We may barely or hardly observe it, but knowing this knowledge would help us understand why our generation is different from the past generation. And if a person changed a lot and be like Americans after immigrating, assimilation would be the word to explain it.


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