Champions of the World by Maya Angelou (Summary and Reflection)

Champions of the World, is a narrative descriptive essay written by Maya Angelou with a view to claim that African-American people are the strongest people in the world. The setting is in a country store of her uncle named Willie where people in town gathered to listen over the radio for the fight between Joe Louis and a white man. All ears were glued to the master’s voice as he narrated in details the boxing fight. Both of them had edges over their contender, but as always expected in every sports, only one can be the winner. Joe Louis, the Brown Bomber as described by the referee, made his contender drop on the canvas with ability no more to stand and continue the game. People celebrated wildly for what Joe Louis brought to them upon winning the game and their long-time battle for racial discrimination; exulting that they are the champions of the world.

Could anyone of us tell whose race is the best? Well, people with initial answer for this question are racist. I don’t get why everybody want to exult the blood where they belong, when in fact we are all brothers created by God. In the long run, it would be non-sense to claim such superficial things that cannot be really proven from the very beginning. Maybe Maya Angelou has been experiencing racial discrimination in her life that made her write an article saying that her race is the best. If she’s just proud for that, it’s excusable and understandable. But I must say she’s not different from the others who were also looking for exaltation. People are all the same, they all desired to gain superiority over the others. They seek power and acceptance to cover up their inferiority complex. Alas, this is such a cruel world to live in! People are destroying one another for a meaningless racial competition. For me, it takes enough wisdom to know what is really important, and of course, there are better things to do in life than bragging one’s race.


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