Chandelier, For the Win at the Grammys: MY LYRIC ANALYSIS

“I’m gonna fly like a bird through the night, feel my tears as they dry.” It takes a wild vocal spectrum and intense emotion for a songwriter to craft a genius song that could paint a thousand words. But for this Australian singer-songwriter, Sia Furler, her electropop ballad song Chandelier from 1000 Forms of Fears Album paved its way to stardom as it was nominated Song of the Year, Record of the Year, Best Pop Solo Performance and Best Music Video at the 2015 Grammy Awards. But isn’t it strange why it reached the zenith when only a dozen knows the gravity of the song? Allow me to explain.

A story of an angel-rebel who finds her place in this cruel world; it is a mystery solved if we would consider this spoiling cliché. But what makes it pregnant with genius thought is the metaphor that slays everyone who understands it. Life may throw us in the doghouse because of unrequited love, attention, and appreciation. Our tough situation bears pain, and tears, and scars – mindless sometimes, we want to momentarily escape it by dragging ourselves into nasty activities like swallowing the entire case of liquors or dating strangers; worst is, enthroning oneself as a one night stand queen. But those are just for the verses of the song, the chorus is yet to be unveiled.

Let’s talk stereotyping when a gross person is drunk – some will sing at the top of their lungs, some will cry until nothing has left, some will dance and flirt and take advantage in the dance floor, and some will sleep next to their vomits on the street. But to swing from the chandelier, even the bravest mankind wouldn’t have a second thought of doing it! Many a way can a writer say enjoy life to the ‘FOOLEST’, but the chorus is the wildest of the wild, and even Shakespeare wouldn’t even think of that imagery to illustrate someone being totally possessed by the spirit of alcohol. Genius Sia Furler, she justified the chorus with her powerful and complicated vocals. Then here comes the breath-taking metaphor of a bird flying through the night, crying until the wind blow dries its tears. It is a call for independence of someone who wants to find herself in amidst of confusion. It is the determination in search of belongingness without relying on anyone. It is taking the road less travelled by without thinking of how dangerous and terrifying the night is, because what matters is the break of day that will warm and comfort our soul after; the morning light that will give a new beginning and hope to heal our scars from the past mistakes. It is a message that we must hold on for our dear life despite the unwelcomed havoc standing at the threshold.

Did I lose count? I beg to dissect the song thoroughly for I believe it really is a masterpiece that people barely ignore. It is such a depression and shame on the music industry if this song will not win at the Grammys.

#Grammys #Chandelier #Sia 👍👍👍



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